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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Wednesday's Spanking 08/21/13

Richard and the young lady are smiling but she's not kicking her feet for exercise. Good job HD.
 No idea what is going on here, except for the obvious, but it looks like fun.
A sorority paddle in use.
This one is from a set that has been posted all over but it's candid, bare ass and I like it.


  1. Rich is a great guy and a terrific spanker....by the name tag I assume this was at a party and the smiles I am sure is because he may have just started the spanking.

  2. He is that and although we have never met he did light up Anisa's ass a few years back and she still has fond memories of it.

  3. She is a lucky lady...he is a class act and dedicated panty spanker.