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Friday, April 26, 2013

Friday's Spanking 04/26/13

These first two pics showed up on one of my Yahoo Groups. I think both pics are from a pay site, the 2nd looks like a studio shot, maybe an outtake.

 This one is just a birthday spanking in a public place.
The last one here has been posted all over the place but I decided to post it again for a certain follower that likes ladies spanked in their panties. I know he has seen it before, but what the hell.


  1. With reference to pictures like the last two, I find it amazing that so many folks are engaging in spanking acts.

  2. I like to wonder what women at my work are in to spanking. There are many of them with cute fat bottoms that would look great naked over my knee.

  3. And he thanks you so very much, althought the first one is very fetching as well but love the panty.