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Hi, I'm Bryan, a semi-retired US Navy vet that enjoys all things to do with spanking; I also like collecting candid photography shots.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Wednesday's Spanking 8/15/12



  1. I really am enjoying your blog, thank you. Love the "real" pics you show, being so many are over jeans, dresses and of course my favorite panties but great shots.

    Also thank you for your service to our country; it is most appreciated.

  2. Njspank,
    Thank you for the comments.

  3. I'm enjoying seeing most of these pictures for the first time. The top two of this batch (08/15) I can identify for you: they were taken in the Hofbrauhaus Las Vegas, where anyone who orders a shot gets a swat along with the drink. In fact, these are still frames I extracted from an edited version I made of a video one of the girls' boyfriends (there are three) took. I called it "Three Girls, Three Swats" and you can see the edited version (complete with slow-motion replays!) of the three swats being applied here: http://www.chicagospankingreview.org/videopage/three_girls_three_swats_paddling.html

  4. Thanks for the info, I knew I'd seen them somwhere before.