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Friday, August 24, 2012

Friday's Spanking 8/24/12

Here are a couple of Punished Brats shots with Pixie. In the first one she is the spankee and David is the spanker (2005). In the second, she is the spanker with Lily Anna as the spankee (2012).


  1. Great shot of the two best ladies, Pixie and Lily, both amazing and sexy spanking ladies, thanks.

  2. I agree Ron, Lily is kind of new to me but as you said 'amazing and sexy'. I've been a Pixie fan from the beginning of Punished Brats.

  3. Lily came on the scene and I think she has left, she is adorable and a wonderful bottom, just so spankable. Pixie is just a classic lady.
    Love them both